A Peek Into My New Studio Website

One of my big projects this summer has been developing a new studio website. The old one has served me well, and was the impetus for me getting into web design in the first place. But it’s been sadly out-dated for quite a few years now, and I’ve been wanting to get a new one up and running. After a lot of thought, planning, and work, it’s exciting to be almost done with the new site!

Old Studio Website

I started the process by jotting down ideas in a blank notebook that I use for all sorts of random thinking and planning. My primary objectives were to make it inviting, informative, and inspiring. To make it inviting, I chose a color scheme that correlates with my business cards and also with the color scheme here on Music Matters Blog. To make it informative, I organized my studio policy into a collection of drop-down menus phrased as questions and also included a lot more pictures and aspects of what to expect as part of Natalie’s Piano Studio. To make it inspiring, I used a quote at the top of every page that has been instrumental in shaping my philosophy of life, music, and teaching. I also included more about my students and their various projects and pursuits.

New Studio Website

It was very helpful to refer to the following two web design-related posts by David Cutler on The Savvy Musician blog:

9 Reasons Most Websites Fail

Powerhouse Website Suggestions

Hopefully the whole site will be ready to launch next week! Remember, if you have a studio website you’d like to include on our studio website listing, just contact our Community Manager, Julia, to have your site added.

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