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Joy’s recent post, “Studio Business: Making a Memorable Impression” reminded me that I was going to show you all my new business cards! Several months ago, I came across a post on the Business Opportunities blog about a business card redesign contest being sponsored by I’d been wanting to redesign my cards for quite a while but just hadn’t gotten around to it, so I figured it was worth it to give this a try. I sent in my entry and was accepted for the redesign. This included consultation with a designer, several design options, and a printing of 50 cards. After working with a wonderful designer, Snow Powers, we settled on a design that I love! And the paper stock that the cards are printed on makes them even more gorgeous. Not to mention that they came in an awesome little box. 🙂 The final design of the card includes three different front designs and one back design. Adds a nice bit of variety! Here’s a look at them (although I wish you could feel them, too!):

My goal was to have a card that looked professional but still captured the spirit of enthusiasm and fun in the studio. Between the font selections, colors, and images, I think Snow did a fabulous job achieving just that! If you’re looking at redesigning your business cards, I highly recommend! I think that The Business Card Project is a fabulous approach to marketing their business and I will gladly spend the extra money to re-order my cards from them rather than trying to get them printed elsewhere.

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