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Have you seen Catherine Shefski’s free eBook, “Go Play“? One of the teachers in our local association alerted us to it and we used it as the basis for our discussion at our local association meeting last week. Our official discussion topic was, “The Millenial Student,” and another teacher also shared several recent magazine articles that addressed the same issue.

It certainly does lend itself to a thought-provoking discussion when you contemplate how the changes and technological advancements impact the way we are teaching this generation of students. I’ve been especially challenged to branch out and try new things even if I don’t have a clear view of what the path to our final objective looks like.

One new thing that I’m trying this year is some Skype-based lessons. A student and her family will be traveling for about 5 weeks, so rather than miss that many lessons, I suggested we try conducting the lessons virtually. They were thrilled at the suggestion and are taking along a keyboard to make it feasible. Although I’ve used Skype for other purposes, I’ve never tried it for lessons, so I’m excited to see how it goes! Has anyone else done Skype lessons? Any tips or suggestions?

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