2010 MTNA Conference Blog Index

And that concludes the 2010 MTNA Conference! There are a lot of sessions to navigate through, so I thought it would be helpful to put together this handy index so that you can see them all at a glance and quickly get to specific topics. I hope you all have enjoyed attending the conference virtually!

Opening Session – Welcome and An Evening of Chopin

Morning – Hot air balloon excursion in Albuquerque, Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World!
Early Afternoon – Exhibit Hall and Kjos Exhibitor Showcase
Late Afternoon – Develop Active Listeners through a Dynamic Series of Group Piano Activities by Cindy Tseng
Later Afternoon – Group Piano Games by Erin K. Bennett, NCTM
Dinner – Division dinner at Tucanos Brazilian Grill
Night – American Pianists Association Recital

Early Morning – Exhibitor Showcase FJH Succeeding at the Piano by Dr. Helen Marlais
Mid-Morning – Not Only Fur Elise: Gorgeous Unknown Compositions by Well-Known Composers by Dr. Peter Mack, NCTM
Late Morning – Sight Reading Strategies for the Beginning and Intermediate Student by Dr. Pamela D. Pike
Early Afternoon – Alfred Exhibitor Showcase Piano for Busy Teens by Melody Bober and Gayle Kowalchyk
Mid-Afternoon – Efficient Learning and Memorizing when Practicing to Perform by Barbara Fast, NCTM
Late Afternoon – Independent Music Teacher Forum and Survey Results
Early Evening – Exhibit Hall wanderings
Dinner – Get-together with virtual friends!

Early Morning – Exhibitor Showcase The Frederick Harris Music Co.: Inspiring Creativity at the Piano with Pattern Play – A Look at the Complete Series by Ray and Akiko Kinney
Mid-Morning – Creating Learning Communities for Young Students by Stella Sick and Kristin Shoemaker
Late Morning #1 – Let’s Play Chamber Music! A Guide for Young Pianists by Carolyn Bridger
Late Morning #2 – Free Piano Teaching Resources Online! by Michelle Gordon, NCTM
Noon – Poster Session and More Exhibits
Early Afternoon – Exhibitor Showcase Alfred Publications: Exploring Piano Classics by Nancy Bachus
Mid-Afternoon – Everything You (and your students) Should Know About Pianos by Clarence Zeches
Late Afternoon – ConferenceXP: A Versatile Video Conferencing Tool for the Performing Arts by Jose Feghali
Early Evening – Reception for Nationally Certified Teachers of Music
Late Evening – 19th-Century Salon Recital of the Works of Frederic Chopin

Early Morning – Total Body Integration for Pianists by Paola Savvidou
Mid-Morning – How Did They Teach? Ideas from the Past about Keyboard Instruction by Sandra Soderlund

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