2010 MTNA Conference – Monday Mid-Morning

Not Only Fur Elise: Gorgeous Unknown Compositions by Well-Known Composers
by Dr. Peter Mack, NCTM

In this standing room-only workshop, Dr. Mack entertained, educated, and inspired us with performances of some of his favorite mostly-unknown works. He began the workshop with a lovely playing of Rachmaninoff’s Fragments. He then proceeded to play little snippets of many other selections. Dr. Mack expressed his affinity for slow, sad, sentimental pieces, letting us know that most of his selections would be of this flavor. 🙂 Here are a few of the highlights.

Bach, Johann Sebastian – Four Duets, BWV 802-805 (publ. Konemann/Mel Bay; also in Henle 139). Also available from Konemann is a book of preparatory pieces for the Well-Tempered Clavier.
Bach/Marcello – Transcription of Concerto for Oboe, BWV 974 (Konzertbearbeitungen, pub. Konemann/Mel Bay K171)
Bartok, Bela – Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs (pub. Boosey and Hawkes)
Beethoven, Ludwig van – 5 Variations on “Rule Britatania” WoO 79 (from Variationen, Vol. III, pub. Konemann/Mel Bay K201)
Chopin, Frederic – Contredanse (Paderewski edition of complete works, Vol. XVIII)
Chopin/Liszt – “Chants Polonais,” Spring (Pub Editions Durand DC0987300)
Debussy, Claude – “Pour la Danseuse avec Crotales” from “Six Epigraphes antiques” (Etudes, Children’s Corner etc.; pub. Dover 0-486-27145-5)
Faure, Gabriel – Improvisation, Op. 84, No. 5, 3 (Faure Selected Pieces; pub. J.B. Cramer)
Grieg, Edvard – “In Ola Valley” Op. 66, No. 14 from Norwegian Folk Songs (Pub. Konemann/Mel Bay K175
Haydn, Joseph – Variations on “Gott, erhalte” Hob. III: 77/II, (“Klavierstucke, Vol. 2,” Pub. Konemann/Mel Bay, K 219)
Liszt, Franz – “Au Lac de Wallenstadt” from “Annees de Pelerinage” (Pub. Dover 0-486-25627-8)
Mendelssohn, Felix – Gondellied in A major (in Complete Works for piano solo, Vol I”, Pub. Dover 0-486-23136-4)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Menuett, KV355 (594a) (Klavierstucke, Pub. Henle 133)
Prokofiev, Sergei – “Mephisto Waltz” (Pub. Dover 0-486-28551-0)
Ravel, Maurice – “ A la Maniere de Borodine” (Pub. Dover 0-486-29806-X)
Satie, Eric – “Sonatine Bureaucratique” (Pub. Masters Music Publications M 2116)
Scarlatti, Domenico – Sonata in a minor, K.3, L. 378
Schubert, Franz – Allegretto in c minor (Klavierstucke Vol. II; pub. Konemann/Mel Bay)
Schumann, Robert – Faschingsschwank aus Vienne; Esp. Romanze and Intermezzo (Pub. Peters 2312)
Scriabin, Alexander – “Prelude for the Left Hand Alone, Op. 9, No. 1” from “Piano Music for One Hand” (Pub. Schirmer)
Tchaikovsky, Peter – Der Puppe Grablegung/Die neue Puppe (in “Leichte Klavierstucke, Vol 2; pub Henle 135)

Dr. Mack concluded his presentation with a “Name that Tune” game designed to root out “the real piano nerds.” His witty sense of humor and anecdotal comments coupled with many gorgeous pieces made the whole workshop truly delightful!

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