2010 MTNA Conference – Sunday Early Afternoon

After the morning hot air balloon excursion, it was time to hit the conference!

I began the afternoon with a trip to the Exhibit Hall. One of the fun parts about the conference is walking around the Exhibit Hall, browsing all the materials, talking with other teachers, and getting specific information from those selling their products.

I came across this charming little digital harpsichord, designed to look like a period instrument. Amazing!

Each attendee receives a program and coupon book. The coupon book is full of slips provided by the exhibitors that can be turned in at their booth for free gifts. This is a fun incentive to make your way around the whole exhibit hall and check out the wide variety of products.

The first afternoon session was an Exhibitor Showcase. I attended the Kjos showcase, led by the dynamic Charlene Zundel. The session began with an interactive game and then she spent the majority of the time discussing the theory books and encouraging attendees to make theory work fun for their students. She also announced that Kjos now has all of the corresponding listening exercises available on their website for the students to use on their own in between lessons.

Those in the workshop enjoyed participating in the games for a chance to win music bucks. All the money earned could then be used to bid on auction items at the end of the session. The competitive spirit definitely comes out in workshops like this!

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