Treble Clef Music Game

This is the first game I ever made for my studio and it is still one of the favorites.

I just cut a treble clef shape out of white posterboard and then cut orange and blue circles and placed them on the treble clef to create a path. Then I laminated it to preserve it (and it’s held up quite well! I “store” it by hanging it from a clip magnet on the side of one of my file cabinets). To play, each student places their game token on the start and draws a card from the draw pile.

(As you can see, I just handwrote the questions on little squares of yellow construction paper and then laminated them.)

If the student correctly answers the question, they get to roll either the orange or blue interval die to determine how many spaces to move (for the first roll, when they are on the start space, they can choose either die, but after that, they have to roll the die that corresponds to the color circle their game token is on). The dice are made from foam cubes and then I used a black ink pen to draw the keyboard or staff with a different interval on each side.

The students don’t even realize this is my clever ploy to drill them on interval recognition, because they’re too busy trying to figure out how many spaces they get to move! 🙂

Obviously, it’s a very simple game, but it’s fully adaptable to any age or level student and it works great for any number of students. I’ve even had students ask to play it on their own or with a sibling while they’re waiting for their lesson.

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