Giveaway of Jungle Expedition Studio Decor!

Fall is in the air, and with it the beginning of a new year of piano lessons, and (most importantly!) a new studio practice incentive theme! With that in mind, I’ve cleared off my studio wall in preparation for all new colorful decor. Now you have a chance to win a complete set of studio decor materials for Jungle Expedition: where mighty musicians survive!

Jungle Expedition!

Everything that you need along with the student assignment books is packaged up and ready to send to one special winner. The studio decor package includes the wall poster, the theme title and tagline, the theme verse, a set of student markers to place on the poster, and a set of laminated tickets that the students will be collecting throughout the year.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator next Friday, August 26, at noon (CST) and the package will be in the mail the next day!


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18 thoughts on “Giveaway of Jungle Expedition Studio Decor!

  1. I am having trouble coming up with a oractice incentive this year and have very little money so I could really use this!

  2. This looks very engaging and motivating for students. I would love to use this in my studio!

  3. I’ve never actually done a year-long incentive program. I would love to give it a try. Thanks for offering this; it looks amazing!

  4. This looks fun. I wonder what other people use as rewards. I’ve done ice cream and pizza parties in the past, but it’s nice to change things up once in a while.

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