Coming This Fall…

Vanishing Voices: a musical race against time!

The practice incentive theme for this next year is in development and I’m so excited about how we’re planning to integrate music history with world geography and a dose of strategy as the students work diligently to reach new goals and practice consistently throughout the year! It’s always fun to start a new year with th excitement and adventure of a new theme. I would love to hear what other teachers are up to this fall. Are you thing anything new in your studios?

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6 thoughts on “Coming This Fall…

  1. I know the feeling and am excited to use Jennifer Foxx’s “Reach beyond the Stars”. Of course I love decorating. My students always wonder what they are going to see in the Fall. If you want to check out pictures of my theme go to Facebook (Musical minds piano studio). I am so glad to have you and fellow music teachers to help inspire and do all the planned, tried and true piano incentive programs.

  2. Hi Cheryl~
    I wish I could send it your way, but part of the process of preparing for other teachers and studios is tweaking it throughout the year with my own students. I’ll be sure to get it up and ready as soon as I can, though!

  3. Natalie,
    How did Vanishing Voices go this year?
    Any chance it will be available soon?

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