Loads of Free Piano Flashcards!

In planning for our studio group class next week I was doing some online searching for flashcards. It’s been a while since I visited Jen Fink’s fabulous Pianimation website, so I was thrilled to re-discover this page chock-full of free piano flashcards that you can print and use in your studio! I’m going to be printing off a handful of these to use for various games and activities.

One of the biggest challenges I face repeatedly with my students is a lack of instantaneous note recognition on the staff and correlation with the right key on the piano. Does anyone else struggle with this? I’m going to try to hone in on this deficiency at the next group class to see if we can make some substantial progress in this area. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or resources that you’ve found helpful to build this skill in your students, please do let me know! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Loads of Free Piano Flashcards!

  1. I think ALL of us teachers face this problem with our students! I use flashcards disguised as “games” – matching, memory, and so on with cute backgrounds. We do a game every week and slowly it builds up their instantaneous recognition.

  2. Yes, it is also a problem I face and I would love to hear any ways you address note recognition and correlation on the keyboard. I found a really great game that bridges the two skills, but it’s only for the treble clef. It’s at vicfirth.com, a percussion site.

  3. I have used Bea’s Keys grand staff flashcards for years and they really do the trick! They are exactly the size of the piano keys and have the most used notes in a package of 30 cards (Low C to High C for 4 octave identification). They were created by a piano teacher in Texas years ago and her granddaughter now sells them as well as a few other teacher resources.
    I do a 1-minute club that students progress to join and receive and trophy and recognition at my annual spring piano celebration (recital). If they can place and name all 30 cards in 1 minute or less, they join the club! They love it and almost all of my students work towards this.
    They are worth every penney and I order 10 sets at once to get one free and give them to every new student when they begin staff reading.

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