Performance Enhancing Tips for the Learning Student

In keeping with our studio practice incentive theme this year, Project 28, our group classes this year are called Project Symposiums. We held Project Symposium #1 last night and had a ton of fun!

Another new dimension to the group classes this year is that for each one I’m having one of the Pursuit of Music students help brainstorm, plan, and conduct the class. I suggested a topic to each of the students based on an area of strength for them and then they can develop it however they’d like for the group class. Last night’s theme, planned and conducted by Joey, was “Performance Enhancing Tips for the Learning Student.”

After beginning with a couple of performance demonstrations (by Joey and me) in which students were asked to note on white boards “The Good”, “The Bad”, and “The Ugly”, we discussed the 3 Parts of Performance. Each student was then assigned a partner and the two of them worked together to produce a segment for our evening news broadcast on the topic of performance. It’s always fun to see the creative juices come alive with these sorts of projects, and also watch the students develop a deeper understanding of some aspect of music. Here’s the report they put together using the Splice Video Editor App (for some reason the sound at the beginning is almost completely mute, but it gets better!):

We concluded the class with each student sharing how they decided upon their performance pieces and then having each of them take a turn performing for the rest of us. A delightful evening of musical fun!

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