How to Transition to Longer Lessons

Several years ago I realized that 30-minute lessons were not enough for most of the students in my studio. We were always running out of time, things felt rushed, and the students would lose motivation because a piece they had worked on really hard to play for me would get a little star beside it to remind me to listen to it first the next week since we were out of time this week. I knew it would be incredibly beneficial to increase the lesson length to 45-minutes, but I wasn’t sure if parents would be willing to make the transition (since it would cost half again as much as 30-minute lessons). So, on the Year-End Parent Questionnaire that year I included this question:

If recommended, would you be willing to transition to a 45-minute lesson slot in the Fall?” The response options were: Yes, No, Unsure

Then, as I worked through the Student Evaluations in preparation for our Year-End Evaluations, I analyzed how each student’s lesson was playing out from week to week and whether it would be beneficial for them to switch to the longer lesson time. For all but a few, I made the recommendation that they transition to 45-minute lessons in the fall.

As the parents and I discussed their child’s progress for the year, goals for the following year and my recommendations, I was thrilled to discover that most of the parents already realized that their child would benefit from longer lessons and were more than willing to make the transition. Only one parent decided to wait until the following year before making the transition.

Now I only offer 45-minute lessons to new students and love, love, love having a longer lesson time across the board in my studio! It has made a huge difference in the amount of material we are able to cover in the lesson, the fun extras that we can do each week, the progress that the students make throughout the year…and the sanity of the teacher! 🙂

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