Professional Recording Possibility

MusicMatters is a site I came across when I was in the planning stages for the Music Matters Blog site.

MusicMatters offers a very unique service. They will send a recording engineer to your music event to either do an audio or video recording. They will then master these into either a CD or VHS format and provide them to all those who ordered one, either ahead of time, or on the day of the event.

The amazing thing about this, though, is that they offer this service for free! Even beyond that, they offer it as a fundraising opportunity for your school/organization/studio, etc. They require you to get a minimum of 100 pre-orders (they recommend that you sell the CDs for $12 and the videos for $15), but beyond that, there are no other “catches” that I can see. It sure seems like a great deal all around!

I’m eager to check into this as a possibility for a future recital. If anyone else checks into this first, be sure to let us know what you find out!

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