New Sample Pages Added to the Store!

Many of you have requested the ability to see sample pages of the piano Practice Incentive Theme Packages and the Piano Camp Lesson Plans, so I’m excited to report that you can now view samples of every product available in the Music Matters Blog Store! I know many of you are busy getting ready for summer piano camps, and a few overachieving teachers are even planning ahead for next year’s practice incentive theme (I am not one of those!), so as a special thank you for your patience I am offering a special $5 off coupon for any item in the store in honor of the completion of this project! Just enter the following code when you checkout to have the discount applied to your cart: Sample

Also, be sure to check out what other teachers have to say about using these games, piano camps, and practice incentives on the Testimonials page.

I am just beginning to consider piano camp plans for this summer, so if you have any favorite ideas or resources, feel free to share them! For those thinking about offering a piano camp for the first time this year, here are several blog posts to help you get started:

Piano Camp Logistics –

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Get $5 Off Through the Month of May!

Summer is just around the corner, and most teachers are starting to plan ahead for summer piano camps and theme ideas for next fall (except for the over-achieving ones who already have it all figured out… :-))! In light of this, I’ve decided to offer a special $5 off discount for anything in the Music Matters Blog store.

Whether you’re looking for piano camp plans, fun music games to change things up a bit, or a fully developed practice incentive theme to launch in your studio, you’ll find a variety of tried-and-true possibilities in our store. And if you have a website or blog with ideas or materials for summer, feel free to share a link in the comments section!

Just enter this discount code when you checkout to receive your $5 off: 101W2RP0

Announcing…For the Love of Music!

After many, many hours of work, I am thrilled to announce that our latest project is finished and ready for the world! 🙂 I could write all about it, but instead I’ll let you watch the trailer that Joey and Jed put together for it:

For the Love of Music is a 5-day course to help pianists develop a love for skillfully reading music. Joey and Jed were my inspiration for this course because they are both fabulous musicians, but both struggle to sight-read fluently. We spent an intense week working together to produce a course that they have gone through and that we hope will be a great help to pianists around the world who face a similar challenge.

You can visit the Music Matters Blog Store to read more about what’s included in the package (including a special bonus offer worth $15!). For the Love of Music can be used by any individual who has experience playing the piano and a basic foundation in music theory. The boys especially enjoyed going through it together, and competing against each other between each class to see who could sight-read the most measures of music (they both played 8,000+ measures of music over the course of five days!).

It was lots of fun and very stretching for us and we hope it proves to be the same for everyone who goes through For the Love of Music!

Review and Giveaway of Jumpin Jazz Kids

If the vivid colors of the website aren’t enough to draw you in, then surely the energetic music by renowned Jazz musicians will do the trick! This fun, high quality CD could easily be considered the modern day Jazz equivalent of Saint-Saens’ imaginative Carnival of the Animals.

Grammy Nominee for Best Children’s Album of the Year, Jumpin Jazz Kids: A Swinging Jungle Tale is a fun collection of narration and music as seven-year old Claire and her animal friends search for her Grandpa’s “lost” story. Kids of all ages will enjoy listening to the story unfold, and I could even see using it as a basis for a fun music camp curriculum!

Now, for the best part, the producers of Jumpin Jazz Kids: A Swinging Jungle Tale, have offered to giveaway five copies of the CD to Music Matters Blog readers! Just leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing. The winners will be chosen at noon (CST) Thursday, July 11, using a random number generator.

Wee Sing Resources

Did anyone else grow up with the Wee Sing series of songbooks? I still have a collection of these childhood favorites sitting on my shelves (I think I need to pull them off and start using them in my teaching!). I just recently discovered that there is actually a Wee Sing Website with more info, resources, and activity sheets to go along with the Wee Sing books. And even though these have been around for 30+ years, the authors are keeping up with the times and have created a new Wee Sing and Learn ABC app to help children learn the alphabet. The Wee Sing series would be a fabulous teaching resource for planning themed preschool or elementary music education classes!

Review and Giveaway of RoadTrip USA!

Buckle your seat belts and get ready for an adventure with this fun set of piano camp lesson plans developed by Sheryl Welles: RoadTrip USA!

The camp is organized into a 5-day/15-hour set of plans with a different theme for each day: Patriotic Day, Wild West Day, Carnival Day, I Love New York Day, and Luau Day. The students participate in themed games and activities all week long to help them improve their skills in note identification, rhythm, musical terms, ear-training, and movement.

Lesson plans for each day include ideas for set-up, listening suggestions, game and activity instructions, supply lists, and photos from when Sheryl held the camp with her students. The last two-thirds of the packet is a collection of resource cards to go with the road trip theme and printable cards for the various games and activities. Sheryl has laid out everything to make running the camp a breeze, but there’s also lots of room for flexibility and creativity! Her game ideas and supplies could easily be used with students throughout the year at group classes, too.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Sheryl is giving away one copy of the RoadTrip USA! piano camp packet (regularly $39!) to a Music Matters Blog reader! Just leave a comment below to be entered in a drawing to win this packet for your studio. The winner will be drawn using a random number generator on Thursday, October 4, at noon (CST).

Review and Giveaway of Beethoven Who – Family Fun with Music!

From the colorful, eye-catching artwork on the cover to the extensive index at the back, Marcia Washburn has put together a fun and practical resource that is great for parents and teachers alike – Beethoven Who?! This 334 page ebook covers everything from why children should learn music, to an overview of different styles of music, to handy hyperlinks that take you directly to the corresponding terms in the glossary, and lots more.

Coming from a Christian perspective, Marcia includes a multitude of Scripture verses, inspirational quotes, listening suggestions, and full-color pictures. The book would be a great resource for music teachers wanting to plan a music camp, gather ideas for group classes, or just build their own knowledge of the history and elements of music to incorporate it more into their teaching. It is also ideal for a homeschool family looking for a fun, easy-to-use music appreciation curriculum.

Now, for the best part…Marcia has graciously offered to giveaway one copy of the Beethoven Who? curriculum (a $29.99 value) to a Music Matters Blog reader! Just leave a comment below to be entered in the drawing to win. A winner will be chosen using a random number generator on Thursday, September 20 at noon (CST). [Also, if you want to go ahead and purchase a copy, Marcia said that she would be happy to refund the winner for the purchase price if they’ve already ordered it.]

Pursuit of Music Piano Camp is Underway!

Mornings in the studio this week are abuzz with activity as five high school students and I gather for a week of Piano Camp! Each year I try to do something different that specifically addresses the interests and/or needs of my students. Right now, I have quite a few high school students who are considering music as a long-term vocation or avocation. In light of that, I decided to offer Pursuit of Music, a week-long daily camp focusing on five specific areas:

  • Essential skills for every pianist
  • Developing and Implementing Entrepreneurial Ideas
  • How to Succeed and Make an Impact in the Professional World
  • How to Plan and Teach Musical Concepts to Others
  • Developing a Gospel-Centered Vision for Music

Preparation for Piano Camp is always a very time-consuming process, but it is so enriching to think more deeply about a variety of topics, explore new resources, learn new things, and plan out each day’s lesson. In the process of reading to prepare for tomorrow’s class, I came across this statement that I absolutely love:

“…what you do with your talent and how it affects the lives of others is more important than the aptitude itself.”

~David Cutler, The Savvy Musician, pp. 300