The February Love Special – $5 OFF!

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Fun Times in the Studio!

The New Year is off to a great start, and we’re having fun playing a variety of quick 5-minute games in the studio! Here are a couple of recent pictures:

Ellie has a blast playing this simple note direction game by moving her magnetic “note” up or down depending on what she rolls on the up and down die. As she moves, she says “up a step to D”, “down a step to C”, etc. Once setting a designated “finish line”, she and I take turns rolling and moving our notes to see who can get there first!

After learning about the difference between Major and minor chords, Kaily draws a scale block to determine the chord root, then rolls the Major-minor die to see what type of chord she is supposed to build and play on the piano keys.

Shaylah is one of several students who loved playing this musical memory game where each player takes a turn flipping two cards to try to form matches between specified keys in a pictured piano keyboard and notes on a staff. This is a perfect game for siblings or back-to-back students to play together as well!

There are lots more game ideas in our studio favorite 5 For Fun! book! My students love flipping through it and selecting their own game when they’ve earned that privilege in this year’s practice incentive!


A Fabulous List of Piano Game Resources!

In doing some blog browsing recently, I came across this fabulous list of piano game resources on Heidi’s Blog! Heidi has organized links to game ideas and materials around the blogosphere according to specific categories: Music Alphabet/Piano Key Names, Note Reading, Musical Terms/Symbols, Rhythm, Whole/Half Step, Accidentals, Enharmonics, Intervals, Ear Training, Stem Placement, Chords, Scales, Key Signatures, Music History, Composition/Improv, and Multi-Concept. I love having resources like this at my fingertips so I can find just the right activity when a student needs to be introduced to a concept or have it reinforced through a fun music game.

There’s also a wealth of resources organized by categories in the Community section of Music Matters Blog, too!

Happy New Year and a Special Offer!

Welcome to 2013!

It’s always exciting to start a New Year, contemplate possibilities for growth, launch new ideas in the studio, renew each student’s vision for success, and dream that maybe, just maybe, this is the year when I will become completely organized and efficient as a business owner/teacher! It’s good to dream, right? :-)

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Beethoven’s Birthday Giveaway and Promotion: Guest Post by Marcia Washburn

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And I Thought 16 Pianos Was a Lot!

For many years I have been intrigued by the concept of a multi-piano concert. This year, thanks to an invitation from the Kansas City Music Teachers Association, six of my students and I are going to participate for the first time in their flagship event featuring 16 pianos and 32 pianists! We are so excited to have this opportunity and are having a great time working on the fabulous repertoire selected for the occasion.

However, I couldn’t help but be lured in when I saw a blog post recently titled, “Ever Heard 50 Pianos Playing Together?” Apparently, at the International Choir Championships coming up on November 8-14, 5- pianos will be placed at the base of the Canton Tower in China for the closing concert. BTW, have you ever heard of these choir championships and the World Choir Games? I’m not a singer, but what a unique cultural experience it would be to go and observe something like this! Check out the promo video:

Visit the INTERKULTUR YouTube channel for more videos!