Kick-it-up-a-Notch! Kicks Off!

As I mentioned in my Summer Musings post, we gave piano camps a bit of a twist this year in my studio. I wanted to give my older students an opportunity to study music in a more intensive way than we are able to throughout the year. Thus was borne, “Kick-it-up-a-Notch!”

It has been a ton of work for both the students and me, but I think I speak for all of us in saying that it has been well worth it! They found out really quickly that when I said, “intensive,” I meant “intensive.” 🙂 In order to participate, each student had to commit to practicing at least an hour between each session. This time is split each day between written theory homework, technique, and solo repertoire. I have been so impressed with their dedication and hard work!

Since it’s been so quiet on the blog this week, I thought you all might like to catch a glimpse into what we’ve been doing:

The essential planning supplies: hot tea, notebook and pen, books for research, iPod Touch with everything else!

The first group of the day includes these four. Naomi and Amanda practice one of their duets while Joey and James do some analysis of their piece.

During the second group of the day, Suzie and Hannah discuss the duet that they’re working on.

Noelle and Abigail have fun sight-reading and perfecting their duets!

A snapshot of one of the students’ notebooks from our discussion on “Principles of Notation.” Surprisingly enough, this has been one of the favorite segments so far for several of the students.

Today is the final day for these two groups, so I’m hoping to share more from our experiences in the coming days!

Share and enjoy!

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