e.p.i.c. is Here!

I’m sure everyone has been waiting with bated breath for this moment, right? Well, at least I have been!

My studio saw quite a shift this past year, with many of my older ones graduating and moving on, and 9 new piano students just starting out! With that in mind, I knew I needed a practice incentive theme this year that would be conducive to a younger and less experienced studio, but that would still engage the students I already had.

When I was journaling last summer about the forthcoming theme, I stated, “I want it to be easy to understand, simple to implement, highly motivational, and primarily music-focused.” I also wanted there to be an emphasis on establishing consistent and quality practice habits and encouraging the students to develop the character to succeed in their musical endeavors. With that criteria and some inspiration from my backpacking trip through The Grand Canyon last August, the theme was borne:

e.p.i.c. – an unforgettable musical journey

This proved to be a very easy practice incentive theme to maintain throughout the year (which is good considering my year took quite an unexpected turn!), was a great fit especially for the younger beginning students, and was appreciated by parents because of its emphasis on character, learning to practice with enthusiasm ( a good attitude), perseverance (work hard), initiative (practice without being told), and creativity (try something new). The students loved choosing e.pi.c. experiences along the way and selecting a poster of their choice when they reached designated milestones. In summary, it was a ton of fun!

I know a lot of you are looking ahead toward next fall and planning practice incentives and themes, so for the remainder of the month of June, you can receive $5 off your purchase of the e.p.i.c. practice incentive theme when you use this discount code: 835M024P

Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did!

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26 thoughts on “e.p.i.c. is Here!

  1. Is there a way to see what any of it looks like? Some of what the pages are like, assignments, how it is put together, etc?

  2. It’s not a competition between students, but each student earns their own points. At various milestones, they earn e.p.i.c. experiences and/or posters. This way each student, regardless of age or level, has equal opportunity to succeed and be awarded for their effort.

  3. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to see some sample pages. This sound exactly what I’ve been trying to dream up. Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Hi Natalie,
    I’m enjoying reading all about your practice incentives! Is it possible to get a bit more information in regards to the Have a Ball and the EPIC incentives? Which one was your favourite?

  5. I’d love some sample pages as well please. I’ve loved some of your other ones and want to see if it will work for my studio. Thanks

  6. I would love to look at some sample pages as well. I’m loving the idea!
    Thanks, Natalie! I also need to ask you about your manuscript book for sale. I purchased it awhile back, but a computer crash took it off my hard drive. Would I be able to get another copy sent to me?

    Thank you so much. I hope you are enjoying married life and motherhood!

  7. Hello Natalie,
    I, too, would be very interested in seeing a few sample pages from e.p.i.c. I’ve just been thinking about practice incentives for this fall and this looks very interesting. Thanks so much!


  8. I would love to see some sample pages of epic. I have used go for the gold and let’s have a ball in the past and loved them!! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  9. I would love to see sample pages as well, please.
    Last year we did the Italian themed one—-so much fun!

  10. I would love to see sample pages as well or receive more information about assignments and the posters you mentioned. I just want to know if this will fit my studio before spending $20 on it. Thanks.

  11. Would like to see sample pages, also. We’re creating a lot of work for you, though. Can you post the sample pages so that all can see?

  12. I am interested in the EPIC incentive program too! Can I be included on a couple of sample pages – I am WAY behind in planning for this year, yikes, help! Thank you so much. I love your incentives.

  13. Could you send me some sample pages? I like what you’ve said, but need to visualize what you’re saying before I would order. I have been using a point system where students get points for theory pages done, a cheerful, cooperative attitude during the lesson, attending concerts, performing their pieces for others or in another recital, (formal recitals get more points), scales & technique accomplished, etc…then I award them different sized trophies at my recitals, based on the number of points they earned. Am looking for a way to have accountability for their daily practice, not the amount of time, but what they actually do. Thanks, Ann

  14. Is there a way to see any sample pages from the EPIC incentive theme? What are the suggested rewards that the student can earn?

  15. Hi Amy!
    Yes, you can view sample pages here: http://musicmattersblog.com/store/e-p-i-c-p43143338. I include a list of experiences the students may select from as part of the incentive. For our year-end experience, all the students that earned a certain number of practice points were invited to join me for a symphony concert followed by ice cream at a local ice cream shop. It was a ton of fun!

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