And the Winners Are…

Six Music Matters Blog readers will be the excited new owners of one of two cool music apps! The winners of the drawing are as follows:

#24 – Bethany

#19 – Genevieve

#27 – Anna

#7 – Lacy

#32 – Kristi

#12 –  Wendy M

Congrats to all of you! I’m going to give away the codes on a first-come-first-served basis, so if you are one of the winners, e-mail me with your preferred app and I’ll send the free code your way. Thanks again to the app developers of Scales and Modes and Metronome Plus for sponsoring this giveaway!

Also, I forgot to announce that the winner of the Quest for Capital practice incentive theme studio materials was Janet. Thanks to all who entered!

Stay tuned for another giveaway next Tuesday!

Share and enjoy!

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