10 Ways to Avoid Plateauing

Professional film and visual media composer Benjamin Botkin recently posted an insightful list of 10 Ways to Avoid Plateauing. Even though he writes as a composer to other composers (or aspiring composers), his thoughts are equally relevant for all musicians. I love the way he defines a plateau, “reach[ing] a position in your skill where you always make the same errors and are not getting any better.” And his number 4 point was especially insightful and relevant for music students:

4. Never compare yourself to your peers – …Don’t ever think “I’m pretty good for my age” or “I’m pretty good considering my circumstances,” think… “How can I be better than the best?” Compare yourself to the greats, and you will always see something to improve on…

Check out the complete list for some other tips to pass on to students (or apply yourself!).

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