Collaborative Music Festival is a Blast!

Have any of you been involved in collaborative music events this year in conjunction with MTNA’s Year of Collaborative Music? We kicked off the theme in our studio at our September Surprise last fall, continued with our Collaborative Christmas celebration, and several of my students and I participated in the festival sponsored by one of our local music teachers associations last weekend. It was so much fun! In addition to a collection of wonderful ensemble performances by area students, there was a fabulous organ demonstration. Several of my students had a great time trying out the organ and experimenting with the different stops.

Here are the video clips of the four duet performances from my studio (see if you can tell which one is the comedy routine… :-)).

Joey and Andrew play Amazing Grace arr. Kathleen Massoud:

Natalie and Noelle play Polonaise by Wagner:

Amanda and Naomi play Rondo from Sonata in C by Mozart:

Lucas and Jedidiah play C.S. Theme and Variations by Randall Compton:

We love being together and playing together!

Share and enjoy!

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