Classical Connect – My New Favorite Website!

The other day I sat down to try to catch up with a load of e-mail correspondence and was in the mood to listen to some music while doing so. I opened a new tab and headed to Pandora, only to discover to my dismay that their servers were down! (Horrors, I know.) Contemplating my options, I clicked back over to my inbox to find an e-mail introducing me to a site called Classical Connect. Intrigued by what I read in the e-mail, I decided to explore the site. In minutes, I was setting up my own account!

Over 2,000 pieces of Classical music are already available on the site, and more are being added continually. One of the purposes of the site is to provide an outlet for independent musicians, which could, of course, reduce the quality of the music available, but so far I’ve been quite pleased with everything I’ve listened to. When you set up an account, you can browse by instrument or composer, and create your own custom playlists – similar to iTunes (except that this is all free) or (except that it seems like they don’t have the pieces I’m looking for).

The site interface is incredibly clean and intuitive. There are also options to share favorites, compare performances, contribute your vote to the ratings, and leave comments. A truly fabulous site that I look forward to using often!

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