Listening to Classical Music

Listening to good music is such a critical component of learning to become a good musician, but one that is often overlooked. That’s why I especially appreciated this question I received from another teacher:

One of the things that I am facing with my piano students is that they lack an accurate concept of how classical music should sound.  I am strongly considering compiling a listening curriculum.  Have you done this or would you have any recommendations along these lines?

I have never compiled a listening curriculum, but here are two resources that I really like:

Accent on Composers – this is one of my favorite teaching resources! I used this for our Super Fun Listening Activity a while back and reference it all the time when I’m planning group activities or putting together piano camp lesson plans.

Classics for Kids – an on-line radio show that has corresponding worksheets that can be downloaded and used in your studio. Very fun!

I was thinking there was another teacher who put together a classical music listening guide of some sort, but now I can’t find it, so if anyone knows of any such thing or has recommendations of other good resources, please share! 🙂

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