Monday Mailbag – Recording MP3s

Ensembles, I love ’em! They are hard to coordinate and take a lot of patience during rehearsals. I have done what you do, students split lesson times. But only after each has their part learned fairly well. I always play the other part, up until then so they know what the whole thing should sound like.  I love that you record the part as an mp3. That is a super idea. I haven’t looked but could you give us the run down of what technology you have in your studio and what you need to record and compress into an mp3 for us, please?

Would you believe I searched and asked around for several years before finally figuring out how to record CDs and MP3s in my studio?! And now that I know how easy it is, I can’t believe how difficult it is to get straight answers about how to do it. I know that many other people face the same frustration because the two posts that deal with how to set this up in your studio are two of the most frequently visited posts on this site! Just read over these two posts and you should be set up and ready to record, compress, and either send or burn mp3s in no time at all!

Record Audio CDs in Your Studio

Recording Made Easy

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