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One of my favorite things to do is visit other piano teachers’ websites. You can catch a glimpse into their studios, read how they word their policies, get creative ideas for use in your own studio, and generally feel somewhat connected to all of your colleagues in the world of music teaching. So…I was thinking it would be neat to put together a page with a listing of piano [or any instrument, really!] teachers and their websites.

If you’d be interested in including your website in this listing, just leave a comment below or send me a quick e-mail with your website link and what state/province or country you’re in. I’ll post the complete list as a page here on Music Matters Blog and also make it available as a free PDF so that you can print it off, use it in technology workshops, etc. There are still lots of teachers who are interested in setting up websites, but haven’t yet, so I think this will be a great resource to help those who want ideas of what to include on their sites. And even those of us who already have websites I’m sure will find great ideas and inspiration from others that we can incorporate into our studio sites!

[As an aside, there are quite a few parents that come across this blog when looking for piano teachers, so I think this will be a helpful way to get your studio name and website out to potential students as well!]

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