Conference Freebies!

One of the things that I’ve told friends in the past is that if they go to one of the MTNA Conferences, they are guaranteed to bring home enough free materials to almost cover the cost of the conference! This year proved to be no exception. Between the Exhibit Hall and the Exhibitor Showcases, you accumulate enough books and other goodies to necessitate at least one additional piece of luggage. 🙂 I tallied up my take-home stack and the retail value of all the books and sheet music came to right around $155. And if you factor in the wonderful handouts prepared by most of the presenters, well…that’s priceless!

I’ll try not to talk about the conference [too much] any more, but in case the notes from all the sessions didn’t convince you to put the conference on your schedule next year, I thought maybe seeing all these freebies would do the trick. 😉

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