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One of my goals this year is to purchase a piano to replace the current acoustic piano in my studio. The current piano is a low-end instrument that is 30+ years old. Some of the repair work it needs now would cost significantly more than it’s worth, so I finally decided I better get serious about saving for a new piano. I’ve started doing some preliminary research and came across the Piano Buyer website. Larry Fine’s popular Piano Buyer Supplement can be read for free online! There are lots of other great resources on the site as well. A place I will undoubtedly be visiting many times this year!

I would love to have input from some other teachers on pianos. What brands and models do you really like? Which ones do you not like? Any other advice on choosing a piano? As much as I would love to have a grand piano, right now both space and financial considerations have limited me to an upright. I’ve heard that some upright grands are a close second to a real grand, so that’s what I’m hoping to find!

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