Intervals by Ear

Have you seen the Create Your Own Interval Examples page on the EarMaster website? What a fabulous resource! Our Music Progressions evaluations are in April each year, so I’ve been assigning several of my students to work on specific ear training exercises at different websites. This is with the hope that maybe they won’t all bomb the listening test like we do most years…aural skills is not one of my strengths and it’s an area I rarely devote time to in the lessons, other than having students pick songs out by ear and compose original arrangements, so unless they are naturally gifted in this area, they usually don’t fare so well.

Anyway…I’ll be passing along the link to this interval example page. I love that it has links to YouTube videos so that students can immediately listen to songs representing each interval! (Maybe I should spend some time there, too… 🙂 ) Do you have any other good resources you’ve found for working on aural skills with students? Please do share – I can use all the help I can get in this area!

HT: Wendy

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