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Yesterday, I received a notification about a survey being conducted by Carnegie Hall and The Julliard School. (Click here if you are interested in taking part in the survey.) The survey is gleaning information from teachers about the plausibility of offering a National Music Achievement program. I think it’s an interesting concept, and completed the survey in about 10 minutes. I found a number of the questions somewhat thought-provoking, including this one:

What factors do you believe motivate your students to be engaged in music? Please think of your students between ages 5 and 18. (Please select all that apply)

* Playing music naturally excites them
* They enjoy gaining recognition for their skills
* They hope to use music to help them get into college
* Their parents urge them to continue playing music
* None, my students are not really motivated to study music
* Other (please specify)

I’d be curious to know how other teachers would answer a question like this. What do you find are the motivating factors for your students? I’m actually going to ask my students this question, too, to get their first-hand answer on what motivates them. That will be quite interesting, I think!

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