Monday Mailbag – Computer Lab

I think you mentioned before that you were going to start using a computer lab. How’s that going? I’d love to find out what programs you chose.

Yes, at the beginning of last school year, I offered a computer lab time as an extra perk in which students could opt to participate. Instead of purchasing software, I compiled a list of computer games and activities that corresponded to each of the areas of the year’s practice incentive. The students could come 15 minutes early or stay 15 minutes late to do the computer lab at the studio, and/or they could use the list at home.

A good number of students participated at the beginning of the year, but honestly, it pretty much fizzled out by the end of May. If I was to integrate it more with my practice incentive theme, rather than just making it a supplemental activity, I’m sure it could be much more effective. But, truth be told, it hasn’t seemed important enough to me yet to make it a priority. As much as I love technology, I just haven’t gotten into the music games side of things yet. I’m willing to be persuaded, though. 🙂

So…do you have a computer lab in your studio? How is it setup? What are the benefits? Will my students be musically challenged for life if I don’t get on the ball with a full-fledged computer lab? 🙂

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