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Since I’m holding Piano Camp this week, I thought I’d give you a look into what we do each day. You can see the outline of my objectives for the week on the post Working on Piano Camp Lesson Plans. Not surprisingly, some of the activities took a little longer than I anticipated, so we didn’t get to everything that I had planned. We couldn’t believe how fast the time flew by! I’ll try to post pictures from several of our activities each day. Here are a few from today:

Here’s a snapshot of the workbooks I put together for each student. Once all the pages were printed, I three-hole punched them and then fastened them in these colorful folders. We’ll be working out of these each day, and then the students will be allowed to take them home at the end of the week to complete additional worksheets and activities that we have to skip or leave incomplete due to time constraints.

The first activity today was the assignment for each student to draw a diagram of the piano keyboard – as accurately as they could based on their memory/knowledge of how many keys, etc. This was a good intro into discussing what keyboard topography is and why it’s important. We also discussed the history and design of the piano in more detail.

Our next activity is what I called “The Blindfold Challenge.” Each student took his/her turn sitting at the piano with the blindfold and had to play groups of either two black keys or three black keys up and down the keyboard. The goal was to be as smooth and accurate as possible. This was a challenge, but they all did a great job coming up with various strategies to help with accuracy and fluidity!

To be continued…

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