Monday Mailbag – Practice Incentives

I’m interested in purchasing at least one of your incentive programs but have no studio yet. Is there a program(s) that might work for a teacher just starting?

Of the practice incentives that I currently have available, I think the one that would work best for a fledgling studio is Climbing the Ladder to Success. This one is more individually-based with the objective being to encourage students to play lots of music. Students of all levels benefit from supplemental music that is appropriate to their level. And the Diligence Dollars that the students are collecting throughout the year could be used for any event or items that you choose; they don’t have to be for a trip to a recording studio. So, I think this practice incentive would be the most adaptable to a studio with any number and level of students. Plus, it’s pretty easy to implement and is a lot of fun!

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