New in the Music Blog World!

In the past week I’ve come across several new music blogs, so I thought I would pass the word on to everyone else, too! – Some of you are probably familiar with Wendy’s Piano Studio website and the great resources she offers. I was thrilled to recently discover that she has started a blog with “Tools for composing, creating, and teaching music.”

Rebecca W. Music – Music, Drama and Arts Education. Since I’ve been integrally involved with both drama and music education for quite a few years, I am excited to follow this new blog dedicated to the combination of these two areas!

The Music Notes Blog – A mixture of resources and free sheet music for piano and guitar. You may especially be interested in this free downloadable 3-octave piano keyboard graphic.

Teaching Adult Piano Students – I found out about this new blog from Rebecca, of the Piano Teacher’s Retreat blog. Its author, Dan Starr, has been teaching adults for over 20 years, so it promises to offer lots of valuable information for music instructors of adult students. You’ll probably also want to visit his Help for the Adult Piano Studio Blog.

Website for Those Who Like to Play Piano – Run by Annemie Van Riel, a Belgium teacher, the Tips and Games page especially appears to offer some promising ideas. (HT: Wendy)

If you’ve come across any other great blogs or websites, or have started one yourself, I’d love to know about it!

Share and enjoy!

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