TCW Resources Workshop

This weekend is our Kansas Music Educator’s In-Service Workshop here in Wichita, so I’m attending a couple of the sessions by Charlene Zundel, of TCW Resources.

In addition to having a lot of fun, I’m also picking up some fabulous new game ideas! Charlene played Wacky Wanda with some of the attendees. I got in on the game when she used the Kreative Keyboard and had us place Hershey kisses on the staff to represent the letters of the words she showed us on the Wacky Wanda cards. My students would love this!

Charlene does a great job involving the attendees and is giving out money liberally to those who participate. (I’ve got over $100 so far! 🙂 ) At the end of the session, she said we’ll get to bid on items. I’m hoping to get a pack of Scale Scramble cards – it’s a Pit-like game that reinforces scale building. I think this will be a perfect addition to our Know Your Signature – That’s the Key! theme for the month of March. Even if I don’t get it, though, I’m taking away a cool set of Student Flashcards that was included for free in our attendee packet. If you ever have a chance to attend a TCW Resources workshop, I highly recommend it!

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