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I have been having way too much fun over at! A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from one of the site developers, letting me know about it and encouraging me to check it out and sign up. I just finished setting up my own page and uploading a couple of my own pieces.

The site is very well designed and very intuitive to use. You can upload your own songs, explore music shared by others, create playlists, and more! You can even copy and embed the code in your own website or blog.

Here is the song “One Heart” that I wrote for my sister’s wedding, taken from the words in Jeremiah 32:38-41:

One Heart by Natalie Wickham

This is a piano arrangement that I wrote for some friends who were getting married. I asked the bride and groom for their favorite hymns and then incorporated both of them into the bridal procession that I played at their wedding:

Tiffany’s Processional by Natalie Wickham

I’m still setting up a playlist and trying to figure out some other things on the site. There aren’t a lot of users contributing music yet, but hopefully we can change that! According to the developer who e-mailed me, they have plans to add many more great features this year. If you do some of your own composing/arranging, you should check it out and set up a page. Just be sure to let me know!

Share and enjoy!

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