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Since I didn’t get my official This Week in Photos post up last week, I thought I would at least share some of the pictures from my Christmas Recital last Thursday evening. Our title was Christmas: God’s Mystery Revealed. In between the piano pieces, I read little bits of narration while the students took turns holding various objects to represent the historic events about which I narrated. The objective was to give the audience members snippets of history that served as clues ultimately leading to the revelation of God’s “Mystery.” It worked out really well, and the students did a marvelous job performing their pieces and participating in the mystery! I had a friend film the whole recital, so I’m hoping to post videos of some of the performances later this week. But for now, hope you enjoy these pictures!



Do you recognize Emily? 🙂


A group shot of all of us. I love my students!

We gathered afterward for a reception of scrumptious goodies provided by all the families.

With three of my most-loved students (a.k.a my three youngest siblings!) after we were all done cleaning up, and ready to go home and crash!

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