Music Memory Game

Last Friday I hosted our local music teachers association meeting at my studio and we had a great time sharing game and activity ideas. In the course of talking with one of the other teachers, I was reminded of this Music Memory game that I made up years ago for a small beginner level music class I was teaching.

It’s a very simple game – just print out the two pages onto colored paper, laminate them, and then cut the pieces into equal sized squares. Lay all the cards face down in a square pattern on the floor and let the students take turns trying to find a match by turning over two cards for each turn. A match consists of a musical symbol and then the definition of that symbol. If they successfully locate a match, they get to take another turn. Play continues until all the cards have been matched. The one with the most matches at the end, wins! This could easily be played by any number of students…even one student could occupy some time playing Music Memory while waiting for a lesson. Personally, I’m terrible at games like this, but they are still a fun challenge!

This Music Memory game is for beginning level students, but you could easily generate additional levels of the game based on the students you want to use it for or the concepts you want to reinforce.

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