Incredible Resource for Catalogued Piano Repertoire

The FindPianoWorks website is a must-use tool for every piano teacher! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner. FindPianoWorks is a very user-friendly database search tool that includes repertoire from three series of leveled anthologies: Masterwork Classics edited by Jane Magrath, the Kjos Repertoire series, edited by Keith Snell, and the Celebration Series, by Frederick Harris, and many others are being added regularly.

You can perform a search query by composer, level range, period, occasion, mood, technique, genre or any multiple combination of the above. For instance, I can search for a piece that ranges between level 1 and 3 that fits the mood description of agitated. It turns up two possibilities: Bartok’s Folk Dance and Rebikov’s The Bear. By clicking the View link, I am directed to a page that contains a musical incipit, information about the piece (key, meter, instrumentation, length), information about the composer (dates, period, countries), and several other helpful bits of info. At the bottom of the page is a link to the source from which the piece was selected. This allows you to quickly scan all the pieces included in a particular anthology.

I can’t imagine why I would ever need to catalog my own collections with such an incredible resource at my fingertips. Not to mention that this is much more thorough and efficient than mine would end up anyway!

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