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I’ve never taken the time to make my own note flashcards even though I have Finale notation software and really need to learn how to use it more effectively! However, while I was doing a quick search tonight for some flashcards, I came across this great site with free printable music flashcards, handouts and worksheets, so I guess I really don’t need to learn how to make my own flashcards just yet. 🙂 These note flashcards are the ones I really like because they include over 5 octaves, a wider range than I’ve seen in other flashcard sets.

In the past I’ve always preferred note flashcards that include both the treble and bass clef, regardless of where the note is placed. But as I looked at these, I realized that there is some value in seeing only the clef in which the note is located since music is not always written with treble clef on the top and bass clef on the bottom. It’s helpful for students to train themselves to recognize the placement of individual notes in preparation for playing pieces where both hands are in the same clef or where individual notes have a different clef placed in front of them just for the duration of that note.

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