Audition to Study Piano with Mario Ajero

Check out this awesome opportunity that Mario Ajero is offering to anyone who is interested in studying piano with him! Mario is Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy and Coordinator of Class Piano at Stephen F. Austin State University and also hosts The Piano Podcast. He is one of the leading experts in the field of music technology today, so this is an incredible opportunity!

You can watch his whole video presentation for the details, but I’ll just point out that the deadline for submitting your video audition is September 1, 2008. Mario is also operating with a user-determined fee structure. He’s not setting a price for his lessons, but is leaving it up to each student to pay whatever they are willing for the privilege of studying with him. He is open to teaching students of all levels and lists the specific things he is looking for from each audition in his video presentation.

I think this would be the perfect opportunity for a teacher who is interested in furthering his or her own piano skills, but doesn’t have the ability or availability to study with a teacher locally. These lessons take place right in your own home and I suspect there is a great deal of flexibility in scheduling as well. If I wasn’t already studying with an excellent teacher I would be recording my audition video right now instead of typing this post! 🙂

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