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Today has been mostly occupied with lots of brainstorming, jotting down notes and putting together all the details for next year’s studio incentive. You can check out some of the previous practice incentives I’ve developed in the Practice Incentives category. Anyway, in the process of gathering some links for my student assignment books, I clicked over to Wendy’s Piano Studio website and noticed that she has completed redesigned it and it looks incredible! It’s still full of all the same great resources, but now they are easier to navigate. My favorite page, though, is the Links page. The layout is very cool!

It looks like Wendy used Google Sites to build her website. I haven’t explored it at all, but anyone wanting to build their own website may want to check it out. If you’re looking into setting up your own website, here are a couple of other helpful posts:
Get Your Own Studio Website! – This is a little outdated, since I wrote it almost 3 years ago, but some of the information is still relevant and helpful.
Music Teacher’s Helper – Another Review – A great option for a full-blown record-keeping system and studio website. Or you can just set up a studio website for free!

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