Piano Camp Planning

Next week will be my week of piano camps and I’m sitting here at my dining room table with papers scattered around, jotting down ideas and finalizing the daily outline while the strains of Vivaldi’s Oboe Concertos quietly escape the speakers of my CD player in the background. There are always so many ideas and possibilities to consider, it’s hard to narrow everything down into a concise lesson plan!

Our local music teachers association is organizing a Music Olympics festival next month and my week of piano camps will be spent, in large part, preparing for the event. We’ll be meeting for two-and-a-half hours each day Monday through Thursday. And since I’ve got one group from 10:00-12:30 and another group from 1:00-3:30, I’m having an open lunch time where everyone can bring a sack lunch and hang out together and visit while we eat. Should be fun!

In preparation for the Rhythm Marathon event at the Music Olympics, I’ve been working on specific ideas to help my students develop rhythm skills. I downloaded these wonderful rhythm flashcards from D’Net’s music blog and now I’m devising a variety of ways to use them. I also found this idea for a rhythm game using body percussion that looks pretty fun. (There is a whole page of music lesson plans on this site, contributed by different music teachers. I’ve only looked through a handful, but some of them have some really good ideas!)

I’ll be sure to take pictures during the piano camps and post them here so you can join in on the fun [at least in a virtual-sort-of-way!]!

Share and enjoy!

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