Survey Question #6

You can see that I have quite a few less responses to this question than some of the others. I just left it up to the students each week to decide if they wanted to answer the question or not.

What performance tips have been the most helpful to you?

* Just focus on your piece and take a lot of deep breaths.
* Just keep going if you mess up.
* Take time before you play.
* Practice, Practice, Practice!
* Good job.
* Stand up straight and smile.
* Practicing.
* Practice it a lot before.
* Memorizing.
* Be prepared! Have your piece learned well enough to play in your sleep. (When you get nervous your brain won’t work – your fingers have to know what to do!!)
* To smile when walking up.
* Pretend the audience is not there.
* Focus on what you’re playing.
* Sit straight.

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