Survey Question #4

Oops! I kind of dropped the ball on posting my survey questions after the first, second and third questions. Here is the fourth survey question I asked, followed by my students’ responses:

If you could change one thing about your piano lessons, what would it be?

* The only thing I would change is having a longer lesson.
* Practicing more things.
* More games.
* The time.
* It would be longer.
* Nothing.
* Nothing.
* More fast songs and more scales and more theory books.
* I love them the way they are!!!
* To have a longer lesson.
* Make the lessons longer.
* Being able to play Entertainer.
* When I first come in I would get a piece of gum.
* Maybe a few more activities.
* I wouldn’t do theory.
* I don’t want to do theory book.
* I would have piano lessons more often and get rid of scales!
* Having to practice.
* Improve on Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

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