Music Piece Description Worksheet

Inspired by my “aha!” moment a few weeks ago and by the need for my students to be well-prepared for our Music Progressions (a curriculum for independent music teachers that was written by teachers in our state music teachers association) evaluation program, I created a Piece Description Worksheet. I separated the description areas according to the level requirements of Music Progressions, but it could easily be adapted to any course of study. I tried it out for the first time tonight on a 9-year old student. I showed him which sections were required and then said that if he wanted to fill in the more advanced levels as well I would give him extra points at his next lesson. He replied, “Wow! Cool! Can I use Google to help find the information? And can I have my Mom and Dad help me?” I answered in the affirmative, inwardly quite pleased at how well my plan had worked. Of course we’ll know at his next lesson whether it really worked or not!

Share and enjoy!

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