Key Signature Chart

While trying to think of a way to help my students learn key signatures better, I thought of my elementary school days when our entire class daily chanted our phonics charts and multiplication table charts. Those sounds and facts were drilled into me and I will never forget them! It occurred to me that perhaps a Key Signature Chart could serve the same purpose. So I decided to create one so that I can give it a try.

Key Signature Chart

The chart is designed so that one side has all the sharp keys and the other side has all the flat keys. My plan is to have my students say, “This is the key signature of C Major and a minor. It has no sharps and no flats.” Another example would be, “This is the key signature of B Major and g-sharp minor. It has five sharps – F#,C#,G#,D#,A#.” I thought it might also be helpful to have a blank chart to test students on their knowledge once they’ve learned all the key signatures. Here are the various key signature files I created that are available to download and print for free (the larger size can be used as a wall poster; the smaller size can be placed in the front of a student assignment book):

Key Signature Chart – 11×17″
Key Signature Chart – 8.5×11″
Key Signature Chart-Blank – 11×17″
Key Signature Chart-Blank – 8.5×11″

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