Music Games and Worksheets Galore!

If you have not been to D’Net’s site lately, you have got to head right over there! She has been working up a storm designing a bunch of new games and worksheets and has them all posted and available for free download on her games page! I’ve been printing like crazy (now my printer is having issues, so I’m sending the rest to our local printer to have them printed for me) and can hardly wait to use these great new teaching materials.

I’m really excited about these Finger Number Cards that are designed as a pre-reading sight-reading sort-of worksheet. I’m getting ready to start a big sight-reading challenge and have just been wondering what to use for my students that aren’t playing on the staff yet. These will be perfect!

You’ll also want to print all 30 of these wonderful Interval Cards to help reinforce intervallic reading with your students.

And definitely don’t miss these Tic-Tac-Toe Cards that you can use to help your students get really good at identifying notes on the staff. She has different variations of the cards for different ranges of notes.

What a treasure trove D’Net has made available!

Share and enjoy!

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