National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy 2007

Anyone else planning to attend the 2007 National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy? It’s going to be held August 2-4 in Oak Brook, Illinois. My registration is in and I’m eagerly looking forward to attending what I’ve heard is one of the best music teaching conferences available. It’s only held every other year and I’m so excited that it worked out for me to attend this year. Here are a few of the workshops I signed up for:

Mario Ajero
– Podcasting: Harnessing the Power of Internet Audio and Video to Educate and Motivate Students (Check out Mario’s great blog here.)

James Goldsworthy
– Keeping Lesson One Open-ended (James Goldsworthy is an Associate Professor at Westminster Choir College)

Karen Zorn – The Archangel and the Pig: Surprising Ways to Stimulate Your Teaching

Jane Magrath – Teaching Literature for Piano: Outside the Box ( Jane Magrath serves as Director of Piano Pedagogy at the University of Oklahoma.)

Michelle Sisler, Alejandro Cremaschi – High Tech Hits Home – Practical Tips for Audio and Video Recording (Michelle Sisler is the owner of Keys to Imagination, a resource for music teachers adding technology to their studios and Dr. Alejandro Cremashi is Assistant Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I really want to go to pretty much every workshop – some of them look so intriguing! If you’re planning to attend, you should send me an e-mail to let me know. It would be fun to meet some of you! I’m hoping to do some live-blogging from the conference so that those who can’t attend can still benefit from the conference. But if you’re able to attend, you can register on-line now!

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