Assignment Book Pages

Each year I design a new Assignment Book/Practice Journal for my students that goes along with our theme and practice incentive program for the year.

If you know how to use tables in MS Word, designing your own Assignment Book pages is pretty easy. Here are a couple basic ones I’ve designed and used in the past. (Feel free to download these and use them!) I require all my students to track their practice each week. I write the assignments on the left side of the page. Each day when they practice that specific assignment, they place a checkmark or x to the side in the column for that day. This helps me see at a glance what they’ve practiced and how often they practiced. I’m not as rigid about recording the amount of time it takes, but I do like it if students keep track of how long it’s taking them to practice their assignments so that I know if I’m assigning them an appropriate amount of material. With the exception of maybe a couple of students, all my students are very good about tracking their practicing.

Assignments and Practice Journal

Assignments and Practice Journal with Staff

I give a lot of on-staff theory assignments for my students instead of having them work out of theory books, so I decided to include a staff at the bottom of this assignment page.

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