OWP Guide

Several years ago, I spent the whole summer working at an out-of-state camp, so I was unable to give lessons to my students. I put together little packets for them with a bunch of things they could work on on their own. I included four of these little OWP Guide cards (copied onto brightly colored paper) and they were suppose to fill them out and turn them in at their first lesson in the fall. The OWP stands for One Week Piece. They could pick any weeks during the summer, but I wanted them to learn at least four pieces on their own. This was a practical way to help them think through the details of each piece they chose to learn.

I also keep a collection of these in my “Extra Credit Notebook” for students who want to do something on their own in addition to the assignments I give them. It’s been a great little tool to have on hand in my studio!

Click here or on the above image to download the file with these OWP Guides (there are four on each sheet of 8.5 x 11″ paper).

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