Retirement…or Not?

You know you’re in the right profession when, instead of people retiring from it, people are retiring and getting into it. 🙂

This thought just came to me again as I read an e-mail from another teacher who has been teaching piano for 43 years. In the course of the e-mail she said, “I am not quite ready to retire as I have great students who don’t want me to quit.

Last year, a friend of mine in the financial industry asked me if I would be interested in using her services to get a retirement account set up. It sounded like a great idea, but then I realized that I’d never heard of a piano teacher retiring. As far as I knew, piano teachers just taught right up until the day they died. Now, I have known a number of piano teachers who retired from other jobs and started a studio, but retiring from piano teaching…unheard of!

Not to worry, I still got my retirement account set up…just in case I need it someday. Hey, then I’ll have even more money to fund all of my [very essential] studio expenses! 😉

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